jquery coffeescript苹果手机主屏幕滑动触屏效果

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特效描述:jquery coffeescript 手机主屏幕 滑动触屏效果,jquery框架与coffeescript结合制作iphone苹果手机的IOS手机界面主触屏手指划过屏幕整个界面图片左右滑动触屏效果。jquery下载。


1. 引入JS

<script src="http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/touchable.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/coffee-script.js"></script>

2. HTML代码

<style type="text/css">
a, a:visited {text-decoration:none;outline:none;color:#54a6de;}
#homeScreen{width:810px;height:770px;padding:1px;margin:0 auto 30px;background:url('images/background.jpg') no-repeat left bottom;}
/* 面膜只显示在一个屏幕上的时间。使用溢出:隐藏 */
#mask{width:332px;height:380px;position:relative;overflow:hidden;margin:180px auto 0;}
#dock .dockicon,.screen .icon{float:left;width:60px;height:60px;background-repeat:no-repeat;margin:25px;position:relative;}
/* 下面的图标显示的标题属性:*/
.screen .icon:after{bottom:-25px;color:white;content:attr(title);font-size:12px;height:20px;left:-20px;overflow:hidden;position:absolute;text-align:center;white-space:nowrap;width:100px;text-shadow:0 0 3px #222;}#dock{height:70px;margin:60px auto;width:332px;}
/* 被告席上的图标得到下面这些细微的阴影 */
#dock .dockicon:after{border-radius:50px/10px;bottom:7px;box-shadow:0 5px 2px #000000;content:"";height:1px;position:absolute;width:58px;}
#indicators li{border-radius:50%;display:inline-block;margin:7px;width:6px;height:6px;background-color:white;opacity:0.6;}
#indicators li.active{opacity:1;background-color:#00A2D6;box-shadow:0 0 3px #00A2D6, 0 0 1px #51CFF9 inset;}
<div id="homeScreen">
	<div id="mask">
		<div id="allScreens"></div>
	<ul id="indicators"></ul>
	<div id="dock"></div>
<script type="text/coffeescript">
	# The Icon class. 
	class Icon
		# The constructor. The -> arrow signifies
		# a function definition.
		constructor: (@id, @title) ->
			# @ is synonymous for "this". The id and title parameters
			# of the construtor are automatically added as this.id and this.title
			# @markup holds the HTML of the icon. It is
			# transformed to this.markup behind the scenes.
			@markup = "<div class='icon' style='background-image:url(images/icons/#{@id}.png)'
	# The DockIcon class inherits from Icon
	class DockIcon extends Icon
		constructor: (id, title)->
			# This calls the constructor if Icon
			super(id, title)
			# Changing the class name of the generated HTML 
			@markup = @markup.replace("class='icon'","class='dockicon'")
	# The Screen Class
	class Screen
		# Function arguments can have default parameters
		constructor: (icons = [])->
			@icons = icons
		attachIcons: (icons = [])->
			Array.prototype.push.apply(@icons, icons)
		generate: ->
			markup = []
			# Looping through the @icons array
			markup.push(icon.markup) for icon in @icons
			# The last line of every function is implicitly returned
			"<div class='screen'>#{markup.join('')}</div>"
	class Stage
		# The width of our "device" screen. This is 
		# basically the width of the #mask div.
		screenWidth: 332
		constructor: (icons)->
			@currentScreen = 0
			@screens = []
			# Calculating the number of screens
			# necessary to display all the icons
			num = Math.ceil(icons.length / 9)
			i = 0
			while num--
				# we pass a slice of the icons array
				s = new Screen(icons[i...i+9])
				# adding the screen to the local screens array
		# This method populates the passed element with HTML
		addScreensTo: (element)->
			@element = $(element)
			for screen in @screens
		addIndicatorsTo: (elem)->
			# This method creates the small
			# circular indicatiors
			@ul = $(elem)
			for screen in @screens
		goTo: (screenNum)->
			# This method animates the allScreen div in
			# order to expose the needed screen in #mask
			if @element.is(':animated')
				return false
			# if this is the first or last screen,
			# run the end of scroll animation
			if @currentScreen == screenNum
				# Parallel assignment:
				[from, to] = ['+=15','-=15']
				if @currentScreen != 0
					[from, to] = [to, from]
				@element.animate( { marginLeft : from }, 150 )
						.animate( { marginLeft : to }, 150 )
				# If everything is ok, animate the transition between the screens.
				# The fat arrow => preserves the context of "this"
				@element.animate( { marginLeft:-screenNum*@screenWidth }, => @currentScreen = screenNum )
		next: ->
			toShow = @currentScreen+1
			# If there is no next screen, show
			# the current one
			if toShow == @screens.length
				toShow = @screens.length - 1
		previous: ->
			toShow = @currentScreen-1
			# If there is no previous screen,
			# show the current one
			if toShow == -1
				toShow = 0
	# This is equivalent to $('document').ready(function(){}):
	$ ->
		allIcons = [
			new Icon('Photos', 'Photo Gallery'), new Icon('Maps', 'Google Maps')
			new Icon('Chuzzle', 'Chuzzle'), new Icon('Safari', 'Safari')
			new Icon('Weather', 'Weather'), new Icon('nes', 'NES Emulator')
			new Icon('Calendar', 'Calendar'), new Icon('Clock', 'Clock')
			new Icon('BossPrefs', 'Boss Prefs'), new Icon('Chess', 'Chess')
			new Icon('Mail', 'Mail'), new Icon('Phone', 'Phone')
			new Icon('SMS', 'SMS Center'), new Icon('Camera', 'Camera')
			new Icon('iPod', 'iPod'), new Icon('Calculator', 'Calculator')
			new Icon('Music', 'Music'), new Icon('Poof', 'Poof')
			new Icon('Settings', 'Settings'), new Icon('YouTube', 'Youtube')
			new Icon('psx4all', 'PSx4All'), new Icon('VideoRecorder', 'Record Video')
			new Icon('Installer', 'Installer'), new Icon('Notes', 'Notes')
			new Icon('RagingThunder', 'RagingThunder'), new Icon('Stocks', 'Stocks')
			new Icon('genesis4iphone', 'Genesis'), new Icon('snes4iphone', 'SNES Emulator')
			new Icon('Calendar', 'Calendar'), new Icon('Clock', 'Clock')
			new Icon('Photos', 'Photo Gallery'), new Icon('Maps', 'Google Maps')
		dockIcons = [
			new DockIcon('Camera', 'Camera')
			new DockIcon('iPod', 'iPod')
			new DockIcon('Calculator', 'Calculator')
		allScreens = $('#allScreens')
		# Using the Touchable plugin to listen for
		# touch based events:
		# Creating a new stage object
		stage = new Stage(allIcons)
		# Listening for the touchablemove event.
		# Notice the callback function
		allScreens.bind 'touchablemove', (e,touch)->	
			stage.next() if touch.currentDelta.x < -5
			stage.previous() if touch.currentDelta.x > 5
		# Adding the dock icons:
		dock = $('#dock')
		for icon in dockIcons

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