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特效描述:jQuery实现 带缩略图 幻灯片切换,jQuery实现带缩略图幻灯片切换代码特效


1. 引入CSS

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css" />

2. 引入JS

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.4.min.js"></script>

3. HTML代码

		<div id="loader" class="loader"></div>
		<div class="wrapper">
			<div id="ps_container" class="ps_container">
				<div class="ps_image_wrapper">
					<!-- First initial image -->
					<img src="images/1.jpg" alt="" />
				<!-- Navigation items -->
				<div class="ps_next"></div>
				<div class="ps_prev"></div>
				<!-- Dot list with thumbnail preview -->
				<ul class="ps_nav">
					<li class="selected"><a href="images/1.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/1.jpg">Image 1</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/2.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/2.jpg">Image 2</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/3.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/3.jpg">Image 3</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/4.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/4.jpg">Image 4</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/5.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/5.jpg">Image 5</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/6.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/6.jpg">Image 6</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/7.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/7.jpg">Image 7</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/8.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/8.jpg">Image 8</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/9.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/9.jpg">Image 9</a></li>
					<li><a href="images/10.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/10.jpg">Image 10</a></li>
					<li class="ps_preview">
						<div class="ps_preview_wrapper">
							<!-- Thumbnail comes here -->
						<!-- Little triangle -->
		<!-- The JavaScript -->
        <script type="text/javascript">
			the images preload plugin
			(function($) {
				$.fn.preload = function(options) {
					var opts 	= $.extend({}, $.fn.preload.defaults, options),
						o		= $.meta ? $.extend({}, opts, this.data()) : opts;
					return this.each(function() {
						var $e	= $(this),
							t	= $e.attr('rel'),
							i	= $e.attr('href'),
							l	= 0;
							if(l==2) o.onComplete();
							if(l==2) o.onComplete();
				$.fn.preload.defaults = {
					onComplete	: function(){return false;}
        <script type="text/javascript">
			$(function() {
				//some elements..
				var $ps_container		= $('#ps_container'),
					$ps_image_wrapper 	= $ps_container.find('.ps_image_wrapper'),
					$ps_next			= $ps_container.find('.ps_next'),
					$ps_prev			= $ps_container.find('.ps_prev'),
					$ps_nav				= $ps_container.find('.ps_nav'),
					$tooltip			= $ps_container.find('.ps_preview'),
					$ps_preview_wrapper = $tooltip.find('.ps_preview_wrapper'),
					$links				= $ps_nav.children('li').not($tooltip),
					total_images		= $links.length,
					currentHovered		= -1,
					current				= 0,
					$loader				= $('#loader');
				/*check if you are using a browser*/	
				var ie 				= false;
				if ($.browser.msie) {
					ie = true;//you are not!Anyway let's give it a try
						opacity	: 0
				/*first preload images (thumbs and large images)*/
				var loaded	= 0;
					var $link 	= $(this);
						onComplete	: function(){
							if(loaded == total_images){
								//all images preloaded,
								//show ps_container and initialize events
								//when mouse enters the pages (the dots),
								//show the tooltip,
								//when mouse leaves hide the tooltip,
								//clicking on one will display the respective image	
								//navigate through the images
				function showTooltip(){
					var $link			= $(this),
						idx				= $link.index(),
						linkOuterWidth	= $link.outerWidth(),
						//this holds the left value for the next position
						//of the tooltip
						left			= parseFloat(idx * linkOuterWidth) - $tooltip.width()/2 + linkOuterWidth/2,
						//the thumb image source
						$thumb			= $link.find('a').attr('rel'),
					//if we are not hovering the current one
					if(currentHovered != idx){
						//check if we will animate left->right or right->left
						if(currentHovered != -1){
							if(currentHovered < idx){
								imageLeft	= 75;
								imageLeft	= -75;
						currentHovered = idx;
						//the next thumb image to be shown in the tooltip
						var $newImage = $('<img/>').css('left','0px')
						//if theres more than 1 image 
						//(if we would move the mouse too fast it would probably happen)
						//then remove the oldest one (:last)
						if($ps_preview_wrapper.children().length > 1)
						//prepend the new image
						var $tooltip_imgs		= $ps_preview_wrapper.children(),
							tooltip_imgs_count	= $tooltip_imgs.length;
						//if theres 2 images on the tooltip
						//animate the current one out, and the new one in
						if(tooltip_imgs_count > 1){
												//remove the old one
										 .css('left',imageLeft + 'px')
					//if we are not using a "browser", we just show the tooltip,
					//otherwise we fade it
						$tooltip.css('left',left + 'px').show();
								left		: left + 'px',
								opacity		: 1
				function hideTooltip(){
					//hide / fade out the tooltip
								opacity		: 0
				function showImage(e){
					var $link				= $(this),
						idx					= $link.index(),
						$image				= $link.find('a').attr('href'),
						$currentImage 		= $ps_image_wrapper.find('img'),
						currentImageWidth	= $currentImage.width();
					//if we click the current one return
					if(current == idx) return false;
					//add class selected to the current page / dot
					//the new image element
					var $newImage = $('<img/>').css('left',currentImageWidth + 'px')
					//if the wrapper has more than one image, remove oldest
					if($ps_image_wrapper.children().length > 1)
					//prepend the new image
					//the new image width. 
					//This will be the new width of the ps_image_wrapper
					var newImageWidth	= $newImage.width();
					//check animation direction
					if(current > idx){
						$newImage.css('left',-newImageWidth + 'px');
						currentImageWidth = -newImageWidth;
					current = idx;
					//animate the new width of the ps_image_wrapper 
					//(same like new image width)
					    width	: newImageWidth + 'px'
					//animate the new image in
					    left	: '0px'
					//animate the old image out
					    left	: -currentImageWidth + 'px'
				function nextImage(){
					if(current < total_images){
				function prevImage(){
					if(current > 0){
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